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Nana is a colourful idea-taking app, useful for learning, research, and writing.

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Spatial note-taking


Collect your concepts in a memorable spatial layout, based on your unique understanding of a subject area.

Use your mind's natural ability to use location for memory to recall your ideas. Use all the space you need.

Place goals in your mosaic and surround them with the ideas that will help you achieve them.

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A place to think


Thinking is about more than recording information. The mosaic is a place to think in.

Reflect on the concepts you're learning, arrange them based on your mental conversation and learning path, and connect them based on related concepts.

Explore your mosaic to review, and stumble-upon interesting ideas.

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Reading workflow


Nana tracks your reading material—your sources—and makes it easy to take notes from them, process them, and complete each one in turn.

Step one is to collect a source, then capture fleeting notes from it, then at a later time, place the notes into the mosaic and rewrite them into your own words.

Nana helps you be confident you've taken what value you can from each source, and then be happy to archive it and never look at it again.

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The usual


All the mod-cons you'd expect from a note-taking app in 2023.

We've got your dark mode; rich text notes; image uploads; equation support; code block highlighting.

Nana ideas

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